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CONNECT, CONNECT! When you are connected to yourself, you are PROACTIVE WITH YOUR FEELINGS. YOU DON'T IGNORE THEM! When you feel like saying or doing something - YOU ACT ON IT. RIGHT AWAY! Especially if it really, truly needs to be said or done. I find that this is the BEST POSSIBLE WAY to live an AUTHENTIC LIFE. It's too bad that so many people choose to ignore what they feel and always put the feelings of others ahead of their own. And, because of this, they end up having NO FEELINGS LEFT, being numb to their circumstances, walking around like wind-up dolls, and just doing things that are expected of them. WHAT A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS! I think life is all about being in the driver's seat and DOING IT YOUR WAY and LIVING ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN RULES. It is no wonder that I am not surprised by being VERY, VERY HAPPY.

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