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I just saw the SADDEST thing: A wealthy-looking woman swathed in expensive clothes and jewelry and her two pretty, college-age daughters were having lunch at a table next to me earlier today in Greenbelt. While the mother looked on, her two daughters were busily playing games and watching videos on each of their iPads. I was there for about 30 minutes and the WHOLE TIME, they had spoken NOT ONE WORD to each other.

Isn't having lunch with your family a time to CONVERSE, BOND, and maybe SHARE A FEW LAUGHS? Even in my day, my mom would ask me to take off my Walkman in the car so I could join in the conversation. I felt bad for that woman. With all their money, they just couldn't show each other RESPECT and CONSIDERATION in a very simple situation. THIS IS WHERE TECHNOLOGY SHOULD TAKE A BACKSEAT AND NOT BE TAKEN TOO FAR. :-)

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