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Earlier tonight, I met a guy in his thirties who was trying to recruit me for his multi-level business. It was interesting until he said to me, "Do your parents know that you are gay? And if so, do they approve?" Although he said it in a very innocent, well-meaning way, I was slightly taken aback. So, with a smile on my face, I replied, "I don't really give a damn if they approve of me or not. I'm not doing anything wrong and I am extremely proud of who I am and what I have achieved in life. At 44 years old, I don't think I have to seek ANYONE'S approval. I especially don't need my parents' approval because they are the very people who ask for my help!" Then, I continued by quoting to him what I heard RuPaul say a couple of weeks ago on his show - "Honey, unless them bitches are payin' my bills, I don't give them no mind!" Why do people think we gays have to apologize for who we are and feel ashamed as to how others see us? I personally laugh at people who look down on us because I know they are jealous! Jealous that we are fun, creative, stylish, successful, and contribute a lot to society. On top of all that, we mostly just enjoy ourselves - free from conventions, restrictions, and rules of any kind. Before we parted ways, this is what I told him: "You know what is REALLY EMBARRASSING? Gay men who PRETEND TO BE STRAIGHT and get married and have children. I believe that LIVING A LIE is what all parents should NEVER approve of". :-)

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