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FALSE MODESTY does not make us look sweet, adorable, and cute. It just makes us look sad and downright pathetic! Whenever I tell people "that's a nice dress" or "you look pretty" or "you look younger than you've ever been", I AM PUNISHED by responses of NON-ACCEPTANCE that completely NEGATE what I just said like, "oh nooooo! This dress is old and I actually gained five pounds." We Filipinos have this DUMB NOTION that by accepting a compliment, others will think we are being EGOTISTICAL and BOASTFUL. GET OVER IT! Doing this reflects POORLY on our SELF-ESTEEM. A simple "THANK YOU" will do. Just appreciate compliments and don't make people REGRET giving them to you. OWN THEM! We all love hearing them anyway!!! 😊😊😊👍👍👍

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