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I've learned that when you are a FINANCIAL BURDEN on someone, you become a NUISANCE to them and therefore get no RESPECT. Someone I know asked me, "Why do my parents always tell me what I should and shouldn't do? What's worse is that they always have an opinion about everything! In that house, I have NO VOICE." So I said, "That's exactly it. It's their house! As long as they are supporting you FINANCIALLY and still FEEDING you in your thirties, they will ALWAYS have CONTROL over you and treat you like a child." It's the same everywhere -- IF YOU WANT FREEDOM, SUPPORT YOURSELF. BEING FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT WILL GIVE YOU THE VOICE YOU WANT AND ALLOW YOU TO MAKE MORE CHOICES. IF YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO WORK FOR YOUR OWN PLACE -- STOP COMPLAINING! 😃

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