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2015 Recap

This past year proved to be one of the most fulfilling of my entire career! Apart from my regular group classes in the school that are offered year-round and always well attended, I have managed to be invited outside as a speaker and lecturer for organizations such as U.P. Los Banos, Teleperformance Philippines (the world’s biggest BPO), Wayfair Tours Inc., Northstar International Travel Inc., Philippine-Italian Association, and Nadecor Mining Corp. among others.

The Department of Finance got in touch with me last year to do a series of communications programs for them and finally, we had our first two groups in August and October. The Business Writing Program (the first in the series) was such a big hit that several of the attendees expressed interest in sending their family and loved ones to my school too.

YONDU, one of the country’s biggest tech companies and a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, became my latest giant client! I trained nearly a hundred people from the Sales, Administration, and Website and Mobile App Development teams at the company’s BGC headquarters and it was, as usual, another tremendous success. I am particularly proud to have worked with this organization because it is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing in its sector.

Next up is the Presidential Museum & Library in Malacañang. I trained the entire management and staff of what used to be the Old Palace, right next door to where the President currently holds office. It was a fun couple of days and the absolute highlight was the personal tour of the museum I was given by one of my trainees – I saw the actual desk and chair Ferdinand Marcos used to declare Martial Law, the balcony from which he and Imelda faced their legion of loyalists to declare “victory” after the ’86 snap elections, and the grandiose dining rooms and offices held by different Presidents and Vice-Presidents throughout the decades. It was certainly the most memorable training program I have ever conducted. Seriously!

Finally, I trained another I.T. company called Advance Solutions, Inc. at the Manila area. A leading distributor of computer products and software solutions, I conducted my signature program on Success and Confidence Building for them and the response was truly phenomenal. Another first in a series, I look forward to more training for this organization next year. A special shout-out to Mr. Ferdinand Fetros, a former student of mine who witnessed my brand of teaching when he was with DELL, for recommending me very strongly to the management.

Looking forward to an even more fabulous and fruitful 2016!

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